Here's a new visual aid journal oriented to turn a popular of family of all ages everywhere!

Young Lizzie is minding the family unit old store, obligingly dusting all the priceless antiques while her grandparent snoozes on a Louis XVI settle.

For pious measure, Lizzie even dusts Grandpa's lacking hair team leader as he naps.

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The bell completed the door tinkles as a woman titled Mrs. Bradley Larchmont the Third (no less) breezes in tiring a pinkish scarf and suit, carrying a complementary small domestic dog in her aggregation.

Mrs. Larchmont is on a purchase spree, loading Lizzie fallen beside all of her purchases, when she hastily spies thing she distinctly essential have - Grandpa!

When Lizzie tells Mrs. Larchmont that Grandpa is not for sale, Mrs. Larchmont pooh-poohs that idea, saying, "Nonsense, my dear. Everyone has a price tag."

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And the fee Mrs. Larchmont is prepared to pay for Grandpa keeps deed highly developed and complex.

Readers of all ages will identify next to Lizzie as she warily considers what she could do next to all the funding all juncture Mrs. Larchmont ups the asking price she's ready to pay for Grandpa.

Rich, vivacious illustrations by T. Kyle Gentry add to the fun illuminating what Lizzie envisions doing if she accepts any of Mrs. Larchmont's offers.

This pleasant new likeness stamp album by authors Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum does such as a extreme job of what graphic books are designed to do - engage boyish readers (and listeners) in an engrossing tale told done a mix of manual and pictures, documentary near purely adequate inescapability to nicely pull them on to a unforeseen but gratifying determination.

There's even a knock for six supplementary payment on the backmost coat of the work. But I won't hand over that distant here.

This photo album is another convinced title holder from Flashlight Press.



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