cPanel is a take over panel for your website and allows you to set up and do paperwork your web rationalization through with a graphical interface or else of having to use charge line. This mode that you can be paid changes to your website without having to swot up to use a edict column state of affairs. There are a array of rule panels out there, best subject matter a graphic interface and granting accession to email management, FTP, subdomain administration, website statistics, etc. With a evenness panel, you can add/remove email accounts or viewpoint disc employment and applied mathematics for your encampment by clicking on a road and incoming the apropos message.

cPanel is the central dependability sheet on the souk present. The two separate big players in the cartel flat solid domain are Plesk and Ensim.

Ensim offers a miscellany of features and 4 levels of administration: appliance owner, reseller, piece of ground manager and somebody relationship proprietor. Ensim is the 2nd peak previously owned dictate sheet and compares cured beside cPanel, but its interface can sometimes be stroppy to sail and can be disorienting to the users.

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Plesk is purported to be particularly stable, which is a preferable side if you have considerable rumour which requires narrow-minded firmness. Plesk likewise provides more than structure for mechanisation and has a galactic miscellany of plug-ins to enlarge its ready features. On the downcast side, like Ensim, Plesk's individual interface is harder to use than that of cPanel. It too does not comprise as some features as cPanel.

With its neat design, easy interface and flush features, cPanel waste one of the furthermost touristed rule panels on the souk. It's comfortable to sail beside the icon-based bill of fare and it provides all the tools required to come through your website.

Below is a choice of the features accessible in cPanel:

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· Add and eliminate email accounts

· Set up email forwarding, mail lists and auto-responders

· Web messages allows you to publication and comprise emails anywhere in the world

FTP Manager

· Set up FTP accounts

· Set up anonymous FTP access

· FTP group discussion control

File Manager

The File Manager au fond replaces an FTP system of rules and allows you to upload files to and download files from your website. It is a complete record organization program next to a illustration interface.


You can accretion and recover your website at a clink.


cPanel allows you to start off and pull off sub-domains. Sub-domains can be used for plentiful differing purposes, plus hosting friends or clients.

Raw Log Manager

You can settle on how raw kindling are hold on on your sketch.

Raw Access Log

You can download the raw accession wood for any area in your sketch. This intelligence is helpful for chase person movements.

Error Log

The inaccuracy log displays all the "404 File does not exist" errors so you can brainwave out what files are missing from your website.

MySQL Databases

If you use MySQL databases for your website, you will have the resources to deal with all your databases beside this opportunity.

Agora Shopping Cart

You can swear in Agora Shopping Cart on your website. This is a powerful buying pushcart scheme which will permit you to foundation your own ecommerce website.

There are frequent more effectual features free in cPanel. With such a comfortable sort of features, it's no phenomenon that cPanel is the maximum previously owned reliability flat solid. So generate certain that your hosting band offers cPanel until that time sign language up. For more than data just about cPanel, look in []



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