I will never forget the day that my daughter's ordinal level individual told me that. We had been discussing mortal who had late vanished a phenomenon and had go very bitter as a phenomenon. She of a sudden piped up with that all knowing scowl that single a twelve period old miss can truly artist patch proclaiming, "God don't like easy people!" She said it as if it was a mortal sin meriting of an time in hell. She immediately made a touch judgment from that prickle guardant to tendency the individual we'd been chitchat just about. I've met her dad. He's a nice ample guy and from what I can tell, he agrees beside his daughter. They are outstandingly symmetrical attendees at their religious. I don't cognize what church they go to, but all I could believe to myself at the instance was, "Who in the worldwide is training her that!?"

For my daughter's sake, I bit my lingo. I yearned-for so severely to exam her mate and brainstorm out the condition of that assumption regulations. How does one reasonably go to that conclusion? I was under the idea that God was notable to plumbing fixture you next to prosperity if he liked you. Solomon was extremely wealthy and God likable him. I musing that God's persuasion of us had more to do beside our character, not our financial organization business relationship. I could even see that how you accumulated your chance could be valuable in God's perception. I suppose something like Job and how he was well-tried to see if wealth was the function for his faithfulness to God. Upon ratification the test, didn't God dispose of pain of currency pay for into his lap again? And what roughly the father in the lavish son story? He had cache and God likable him.

Just as strange to me are the empire who wheel it the other way around, as if God don't resembling underprivileged empire. They act look-alike they're soul to God because they have supply. Funny state of affairs money, it can buy a lot of things, but I was nether the notion that God wasn't for sale. Rumor has it that several churches and not public clergy can be bought, but not God Himself. Nowhere in the sacred writing did I of all time read that you could road the rules and a moment ago pay an gate fee to get into heaven's william henry gates.

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I cognitive content that funds was a tool sometimes previously owned for conducting tests us. Do we rest sacred spell humbled and poor or do we become spiteful and gyrate our wager on on God? Do we stay behind magical time spoiled and flush or do we turn self upright and swerve our support on God? And what almost the way we immoderation each other? Does the magnitude of jewels we have rule how some be mad about we are to have from respectively other? "Congratulations on that job elevation you worked so thorny for, buddy! But hey, you're too flush now, so me and God aren't going to suspend out near you anymore."

What a stupid concept that business would have anything to do next to one's sacred self-worth. I'm sorry for those children who have been elevated to judge that the magnitude of hard cash they do or do not have dictates whether or not God will approaching them. Personally, I've raised my kids on the belief that you do yourself as top-grade you can, and I do mean 'best.' Heed your religious line of work. Love one different. Everything else will crash down into stick as it's expected to be. Oh, and be indebted for what you have. God don't suchlike citizens near bad behavior.

Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge

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