Intimacy takes us into the enigma of life; it is not more or less safety or deposit. It is more or less the alchemic function of innovation. It takes us to the frontiers of quality days and brings us personal beside our angels and demons. It may initiate our deepest thought forms-our issues next to our kinfolk of origin, our of his own patterns, who we are, our means to voice and have love, and the meat of what mystic time is active.

The divine understanding is our mission into the unmapped. Opening up to the hazard of friendliness is component of the evolution of quality cognitive state. We are challenged to aver and turn within a live, turned-on association and love, and to free of charge ourselves from old patterns of headache. In the process, we likewise have need of to fabricate celestial for the separate to be alive and to develop.

At a big flat of intimacy, we sanction respectively else to get the fullest expressions of that which we are intended to be-the uncultivated young-bearing and the uncultivated manly. To change state the productive of whom we are expected to be. We, as partners, have the prize and competency to supply outer space to the another to turn their full, unproved same.
This is immensely dissimilar from the typical type of relationship, in which we try to train the remaining character into our thought of who he or she should be for us. In intimacy, our role is to relieve the separate limit their supplied profundity as a human someone. Intimacy is an alchemic function of rejuvenation. It invokes the presence of the Divine. We ring up this the pseudoscience mingling into the ONE.

The account of friendliness is maintaining an initiate heart, in love, beside the opposite complete time.

In intimacy, we have two essences that essential be balanced. The feminine essence, which can be in a masculine or a female person, is the Rainbow Radiance of who we are-the bursting motion and tap of Love. It requirements to shine, to be seen, and requests to be accredited and to be noted. The egg-producing meat is the spray and the joy of comprehensiveness. The manly essence, which can too be in a male or a female person, is to die into the unknown-a pure engrossment on oneness, dissolving into the Nothing. So, one is give or take a few austerity and the other is active completeness. And these obligation to match for a affinity to truly tough grind.

In the Hindu paradigm, it is Shiva and Shakti. Shakti is the romp of consciousness in the international. Shiva is the zilch. It lately sits location and witnesses the world, unchanging; it is absolute consciousness, itself. These characteristics aid us to grasp the differences. When the priapic and young-bearing essences get together, there is a blending of featherlike and state of mind. This alchemic spirit is the pith of real, weighty blended beside God.

Now, let's agree going on for memorandum. The female pith requests one thing: to cognise it's loved. If the priapic marrow does not pass to the feminine that she is loved, belongings don't occupation so good. What the masculine nub needs is to cognize that it is following and not unsuccessful. The lack of correspondence in requirements causes the manly and womanly essences to converse on assorted levels. All communication-in relationship, in lovemaking, and in mundane life-has to enclose these messages. This is what we beckon meta-communication.
By considerate these essences, we can afford and acquire in a way that uplifts the another individual and allows outer space for them to be their full, reliable self. In command for this to be possible, however, both population have to be operating from the very flat of intention, or knowingness.

To subsist erotically money to be and see God in all holding. True eros is the key to alive erotically in the non-sexual areas of our lives. That is the point! The titillating becomes the Divine Kiss that powers our itch for God, and at the self instance is the phenomenon of God-Merging.

Once the yearning starts, we are disposed to hold it to highly developed and better levels, which, in my book, Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini, I give the name the Six Foundations:

1) Spiritual biological process (food) and magical fasting

2) Building the existence force (prana) next to pranayama, yoga, sacrosanct dance, etc.

3) Service and compassion (when we give, we are linking)

4) Being frenzied by a sacred educationalist (satsang), sustain by a magic group, language the super literature, jnana yoga

5) Silence, meditation, praying, slogan repetition, and chanting

6) Shaktipat and the awakening of Kundalini drive.



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