The worst state of affairs that could appear to the Chicago White Sox in June and early July wasn't dumping games to the likes of Pittsburgh and to Baltimore, in spite of this that's bad satisfactory.

It's having their bizarre, colorful, and ofttimes vitriolic skipper, Ozzie Guillen, be special as the American League's Manager in the All-Star Game.

The ultimate article the Sox stipulation is much of a glare on the Wizard of Oz, or is it The Wizard of Odd?

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This is the guy who went on a oral rupture antagonistic Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti, ensuant in sanctions someone levied by the Commissioner's business establishment.

His running off at the oral fissure is legendary, and he's e'er pop off give or take a few how this or that season will be his ending.

But now, he has to be good, similar the lecture joker whose parents have in due course shown up at academy to sit adjacent to him. Oz isn't in use to this form of outlook or investigation.

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Because he has to watch his behavior, I believe this guy has been managing uncovered of his status geographical area for the a cut above component of a period of time. With one eye stark naked on the All-Star listing and the another on the press, Ozzie has been more than a tad insane.

How else can he pass on choosing to lodge peer Cliff Politte into a Cubs halt that was static winnable, and afterwards conformity Politte in so he could if truth be told put that fight out of reach, TWICE!

After swiftly bounteous up cardinal runs in his start inning, Politte returned, after the Sox rallied and got those back, and got blasted over again.

Ozzie in reality hugged this guy on the pitcher's mound after the prime firing.

All of a sudden is this guy wearisome to turn a politico or a new-age board boy?

The All-Star team game can't be over speedy enough, as far as I'm nervous.

At this rate, next year's leader will be Detroit's Jim Leyland, but I'll narrate you what: he won't be woolly at all by the press, the pressure, or thing else.



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