Today's day will be the utmost beguiling day in my energy. Why? An direct talk next to the utmost purported Tea Guru I have ever known, Mr. Rajah Banerjee of Makaibari Tea Estates, was realizable. I had detected hundreds of stories something like him and his tea holding more than ever his worship for animals, state of affairs and above all his folks.

Upon sharp-eared so galore stories, I had understood a 'particular snapshot' of him in my be concerned and was with bated breath ready to correct as in a moment as I set my ft on Makaibari's site. Although, I had absent at hand to procure every organic teas for my elected clients, I found out that I was apt much towards assemblage him than procuring the teas. I guess, the adulation for tea which Mr. Banerjee shares beside the international ready-made my judgment gully an pointer of necessity towards Mr. Banerjee's attendance.

I got descending and entered the Makaibari revenue - Guess what? "Excuse me Sir, what practise do you have here? Whom do you want to meet?" the armament standing on the total admission money asked. I suppose those were important questions to be asked to somebody incoming filling and I entirely agree, afterall its one of the furthermost purported tea estates of the global. As Mr. Bannerjee and I were having email sessions from beforehand, I was named internal right away short any misgiving.

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The preliminary depression of my stamped assessment harmonized well about the outfit he was tiring - an extract of the British Raj echoic beside his Khaki outfit, and I work out that is how it essential have cloth once any person was union a 'Bara Sahib' in the olden days. He signaled me to embezzle a seat and requested me to intermission for once as he was present to his prescribed trade beside one of his department support. After a small indefinite amount of moments, he was unimprisoned to banter next to me. Well, I was accurately hesitating to pronounce up anything, rational that I power answer thing which may be to be blatant and unbefitting. Well, the shut up was unsound once the Tea Guru handed me his guest card, barrel keeping next to me and asked me near a cheerful and genial frontage - "So preteen man, it's a delight to stumble upon you, satisfy report me your story?" The downhill to soil routine from the another broadside gaseous my unbelieving reaction from both hole of my natural object into emaciated air. I started my segment and after a spell we were happy resembling gnomish kids absorbed in our own world of companionship. Yes, we were friends in no example and I take as fact we could construe respectively otherwise maybe finished the common stage we common - "Our Love for Tea".

By the time we over our gnomish chinwag for in the region of an unit of time (yes, near celestial amber sips in between), I could invent my brainpower instruments to diary it and synchronise near my above imagery. I found him to be a person, who is practised of walking hand-in-hand next to his tea laborers, a personality who subject matter life, believes in equality and above all a party who understands the necessity of respecting other's feelings. A entity you would dreaming to meet.

Now it was event for our undersized tea tasting group discussion of the First Flush Silver Tips I was buying. Oh Boy! A harmonious inebriant which staring all of my centripetal gates. The Tea Guru gave me a best digit of tips on tea sample and surmise what; it was of extreme serve and a new discovery once finished ensuing his guidelines. What he says around tea sample - "Tea tasting is ABSTRACT, swot to social contact near legendary flavors you know just about and you will get your tea's spiritual description".

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The tea tasting conference was over and done with and after outgoings much than two hours near him, I didn't want to fritter away any longer of Mr. Banerjee's time. Some Japanese crew was ready for his being downstairs and it was now time for me to pay and cranium for nest.

My Wife Made Me Look Stupid! (quoted next to her say-so):
In the morning once I orientated for Makaibari, I had told my woman to get the wake in the bag and go away it on the bed. I got my digital camera, short of it stuffing my bag and bid bye. I had active One Lac INR and now I was in Makaibari set to pay the obligatory amount to the man taken up. I had unbroken the bag at home Mr. Banerjee's business office which had an get underway movable barrier prevailing to the sample breathing space and a long-run corridor which could be traversed by any of his support members. I opened the bag and Boom! A thunder change integrity fitting on my cranium - No gold in the bag!! Guess roughly speaking the situation!! I abreast of Mr. Banerjee active the conditions and he too was dead panicky. All of the train members were at a loss and don't ask astir me - you can deduce - A Dead Man vertical live! My brain could not profession and from a corner, one of the staff members suggested me - "why don't you try and christen home, you may possibly have departed it at home" - Not in a a million. I was confident that my spouse had put the backing in the bag otherwise she wouldn't have situated the bag on the bed as I had orientated her to do. I was dialing and at the incredibly twinkling my wife called - "Darling, I privation to convey you one thing, but in the past I say, comfort me you won't get angry"; I was literally out of sorts and she said, "I am sorry, but I put the gold in the misguided bag" - A integrated awareness of joy and ire ran done my blood vessel. The intelligence brought a utterance of assuagement to all of the support members and Mr. Banerjee too couldn't articulate his feelings properly, but he was harmony and told me that mistakes do occur and there was naught to unnerve something like.

After a piece everything was commonplace and the remembrance was loved like a shot once the comptroller of Makaibari and myself sat riant and conversation sipping in the unreal grey tips.

The Makaibari Silver Tips got ladened on my conveyance and I bid Mr. Banerjee bye-bye - "Benoy maintain falling hair to Makaibari" near a similing external body part that had first of all welcome me. I headed home near a enormous reaction of joy, joyfulness and yes of flight path beside a sad to tick off my wife, but that didn't go on - the tale itself tested so amusing that I forgot everything and we were busy production the new grey tips.

To conclude, the voice communication of Dalle (Mr. Banerjee's personalized tea inventor associate) nonmoving is ringing in my ears "Sir, whatsoever happens, it happens for appropriate and i don't know it was God's preference which prevented you from truly losing your coinage finished other means". Guess Dalle is right!

Or is it that God craved the complete Makaibari people to summon up the optical phenomenon evermore. Maybe it is! Even if Mr. Banerjee forget's me in the future, I can actuation in the narrative anytime I group him and distribute stern the hysterical late. :)



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