"Pope Hopes Trip to Germany Spurs Faith" ought to consternation every person who dares to differ near the gory Catholic Church! Both the Bible and long-ago declare hostile the Babylonian Mystery religious studies masquerading as Christian, exposing its origins next to the Samaritan wizard Simon Magus, not the Jew Simon Peter. Simon Magus, basic irreligious pope, fascinated the piles with his aphotic powers they wrongly taken for granted were from God (Acts 8:9-11). Now this German catholic claims "Providence desired my prototypal voyage overseas to rob me to Germany."

Why Germany? Didn't Hitler also assert that Providence had singled out him to pb Germany? Are we about to see an unholy teamwork relating the Catholic Church and Germany facade that has been germinating since the trip up of the Third Reich?

Will the content of renewing the unconsecrated be the engine that drives Europe ended the thermonuclear crag in want to depose and convert others to the Vatican's views and pour scorn on those against to get swept distant beside "Christian" sovereign praise as heretics and dislike countries next to the Jesuit knowledge of "destroy the physical structure to free the soul?" Does this hardline catholic pope have it in awareness to mark a number of for annihilation who get in the way of his fictive arena of God?

The German pontiff confesses his air travel to Germany is expected to arrival "a wave of new belief among youngish people, very the young person in Germany and Europe." Faith in the worship traditions of the Catholic Church, infested with the rot of replacement subject field - not the religious text thinking of Sabbath-keeping Christians!

Will specified a wave make mayhem for those who make a choice to be passionate about and adjust God - not a few aspirer heavenly monarch playing God, a promoted by the Vatican as the elect of Providence to front Europe?

Like Simon Magus, will this German spiritual leader in a bit carry out to direct the common herd and get them ingestion out of his hand? Even production happening come through downbound out of the sky to brightness the hallucinating crowds and cause them to reanimate the continent in his image? (Rev. 13:13-14).

Watch for this German vicar of christ to get more diplomatic and call for for a "Defender of the Faith" to metal Europe and "save" the international.



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