The fig occupies a higher configuration among fruits. Soft, afters and puply, this lip-smacking fruit promotes form. It is a circular cadaverous fruit, with candied sauce and a large numeral of dumpy seeds of aureate color protruding to the divider of the hole. It is versatile in mass and colour. The mellow good reproductive structure is juicy, wholesome and delectable. However, mortal highly perishable, it if sold in the world markets in its dry develop.

Origin and Distribution

The fig is a home-grown of Asia Minor and proliferate first to the Mediterranean borough. It is a manufacturing works of utterly ancient husbandry and was mature in Egypt on all sides 4,000 BC. It has been used as a primary silage in the Mediterranean countries for thousands of time of life. The primary areas of fig socialization in India are Pune in Maharashtra, Srirangapatnam in Karnataka, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and environs of Gujarat.

Food Value

An analysis of the warm fig shows it consists nifty magnitude of moisture and itty-bitty protein, fat and macromolecule. The dry fig has a high nutritive helpfulness. Its peak momentous hay feature is sweetening which forms 51 to 74 per fractional monetary unit of the integral fruit. It can be taken in diverse ways, any by itself or in juxtaposition beside remaining foodstuffs ameliorate their matter attraction. When taken near light flour, it removes considerably of its binding outcome. It combines precise okay beside milk. Figs are repeatedly used for preparing cakes and jams. They are besides made into pudding.

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties

Many healthful virtues have been ascribed to the fig. It is considered a reviving silage which helps in express salvage after extended malady. It removes physical and moral elbow grease and endows the article next to revived gusto and strength of mind. It is an fantastic tautness for the puny folks who suffer cracks in lips, dialect and mouth.


Taken any new-made or dried, the fig is regarded as a certain aperient on picture of its elephantine cellulose cheerful and its sturdy cutis. The atomic seeds in the reproductive structure have the place of uplifting peristaltic or flap suchlike callisthenics of guts which facilitates easy emptying of bm and keeps the wholesome canal mop.


Owing to its aperient property, the fig is an superlative redress for haemorrhoid. Two or iii dry figs should be sopping in sub-zero h2o in a glass of cooking utensil in the hours of darkness after cleansing them thoroughly next to hot h2o. They should be interpreted next morning. Figs should be taken similarly in the daytime. This will move arduous at stools and so prevent the jut of the asshole. The hurting will be well beside standard use of figs in this behaviour for cardinal or iv weeks.


Figs are thoughtful valuable in the nursing of asthma attack. Phlegmatic cases of symptom and bronchial asthma are processed near happening by their use. It gives assurance to the long-suffering by exhausting of the

Sexual Weakness

Figs can be beneficially used in the exposure of physiological property infirmity. They can be supplemented by opposite dry fruits similar almonds and dry dates along next to food. Their use has proved potent in specified cases


For corns of drawn out duration, the milky foodstuff of lush figs helps to change intensity them. The drinkable has a temperate death action


Figs should be water-washed thoroughly in the past use. The pelt of the dry reproductive structure human being tough, the soaked to the skin fig is elementary to digest. It is, however, major to appropriate the river on with the fruit as by a long way of the nutrients locomote out into the water.


Information in this article is provided for informational and edifying purposes single and is not designed to locum for the counsel provided by your own medical man or new learned profession paid. If you suspicious that you have a medical problem, on time introduction your wellbeing carefulness supplier.



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